All Media Baltics media group’s TV channels in Latvia now available in HD

From now on, all TV channels of media group All Media Baltics in Latvia – TV3, LNT, 3+, TV6, Kanāls 2 – are available in high definition or HD.

“We are very happy to tell the news to our viewers. Broadcasting all of our channels in HD is an important advance in viewing experience, which is now available for all residents of Latvia whose operators carry our group’s TV channels. As of now, all viewers will have opportunity to enjoy incredibly vivid picture and clear sound,” says Baiba Zūzena, head of AM Baltics Head in Latvia, adding: “Our viewers who love local TV series, for instance, “Viņas melo labāk” (Women Lie Better), and spectacular shows such as “X Factor”, “Dziesmu duelis” (Song Duel), “Izklausies redzēts” (Your Face Sounds Familiar), will certainly enjoy the enhanced visual experience of watching their favorite actors and contestants, witness their emotions and lighting effects during the shows. Those who prefer Hollywood movies will appreciate the quality picture, breathtaking sceneries and top-notch action scenes, while viewers who like historical TV series will enjoy the luxurious silk and velvet garments and the shine of jewelry. The most popular news programs and analytical broadcasts will also benefit from the improved visual and sound quality, increasing the viewers’ sense of presence. Those who watch our sports programs will also notice the change and how the clearer picture elevates their emotions to a whole new level.”

SIA Lattelecom will be the first company to air all AM Baltics channels in HD. Other operators, too, will offer their customers our television channels in high definition in the future.

Besides all television channels of AM Baltics in Latvia, all original content produced in Latvia will also be in HD, as well as all films and programs purchased by AM Baltics. Admittedly, many of the “good old” films that people love will still be in SD quality as they are not available in HD.

Transition to broadcasting TV channels and content production in HD is one of the projects of the EUR 10 million-worth investment program announced last fall to improve our service and offer our viewers exceptional recreational experience. During the project, we have invested in purchasing technical equipment for HD content production.

As reported, a new mobile television station of AM Baltics was put into operation and the media group’s satellite television broadcaster VIASAT started airing TV3 in HD in July.

Modern technical equipment gives the viewers of TV3, LNT and other TV channels of the media group the opportunity to watch HD broadcasts from different sports, entertainment and other events. The second season of the world-popular show X Factor, the traditional concert of “Angels over Latvia” charity campaign, home games of the Kontinental Hockey League club Riga Dinamo – these are just a few of the events that the new technical capability will be used for until the end of this year.

Most households in Latvia have HD television sets by now, which means not just better picture quality, but also higher frame rate, increased resolution and brighter colors.

AM Baltics channels are available in HD also in Lithuania and Estonia.

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